citation Three methods for learning wisdom

« By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest: Second, by imitation,which is easiest: and Third, by
experience, which is the bitterest. »

Bitter, easy or noble . . . How would you choose to learn? What method have you been using? Can you avoid learning through bitter experiences by observing the lives of others?

Imitating the wisdom of others is easy, yet limiting. Self reflection is a solid and time-tested method for true learning. Keeping a journal helps deepen the process and allows for greater clarity and insight. Would you consider
asking yourself questions about you thought process, behaviors and actions?
Reflecting endures as a genuine, lifelong positive method and takes work. Self reflection allows us to dig into the inner core of our
heart. It means we notice our thoughts, behaviors, habits and actions. It means that we carefully examine where our actions are
leading and we immediately make changes.
Our current decisions are determining our destinations.
Be wise and give the gift of self-reflection to yourself. Be even wiser and allow God to be reflected in you.

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